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Automatic Control System of Industrial Kiln

The industrial kiln is important equipment of industrial and mining enterprises, since 1970's, our institute has successively completed the design and construction of automatic control system used for more kilns and furnaces, such as vitreous kiln, steel refining furnace, Muffle furnace, drawer kiln and cement kiln, in metallurgical, electronic, building material and chemical industries. And obtained obvious social economic benefits from the aspects about automatic inspection and control for technological parameters of production process, stabilization of industrial and mining enterprises, prolongation of furnace life, improvement of products quality, energy conservation, enhancement of production and control level.

This system has been applied on more than 80 kilns among 50 or more users and won the provincial and ministerial scientific and technical awards many times.


TP-JJS Automatic Control System of Alcohol Production Process

Since 1990s, our institute began to undertake the automatic control system of alcohol production process. In the recent ten years, we developed the DCS and PLC control system software packages for alcohol production with excellent performance aiming at key technical matters of alcohol production, such as, operation safety, distillation yiele of grain/ton, enhancement of alcohol quality, energy conservation, reduction of energy consumption and green environmental protection. This system has been successfully applied in automatic control of nearly 20 production lines of Yibin Wuliangye Group of Sichuan Province, Bozhou Gujing Co., Ltd of Anhui Province, Lanling Chenxiang Co., Ltd of Shandong Province, Tianguan Group of Henan Province and Taiyuan Alcohol Plant of Thailand.

Consisting of monitor station (including engineer station and operator station), field controller, communication network, intellectualized instrumentation and sensors with DCS distributed control system structure and adopt , this system adopt the control systems, such as the Deltav of Emerson Corporation, the HC900 and S9000 series of Honeywell Corporation, PLC of Siemens or Schneider Electric Company, to realize the centralized monitoring and management and decentralized control for production process.

The general design of this system is new style distributed control system, which is based on computer network, equipped with different devices and linked with the network to realize system coordination work, share information and data and complete various control and management functions during alcohol production process. This system has the features of high reliability, low cost and easy operation, can not only reach to the purpose of safety, energy conservation and reduction of cost but also can enhance greatly the level of business management at the same time.

System Features:

With advanced technology and high automation degree, it can realize the integrated remote monitoring and centralized management 

With advanced control strategy, it can ensure distillation yield of grain/ton and enhance alcohol quality

Has high control precision and abundant functions of controlling software

With open, flexible and extensible configuration, it can meet the requirements of user for increasing new control point

Has friendly Chinese graphical interfaces and menu option with simple operation

Has reliable and safe system, higher performance price ratio and lower investment


TP-PLS Full Automatic Intelligent Proportion Control System

System Indexes:

Higher proportional (1/6000) weighing resolution ratio

The systematic precision of proportioning can be controlled within 0.02%

The qualification rate of crystal white material glass can reach 90% or above

System Features:

Advanced control technology: the zero error of control data transmission can be realized with computer, meters and PLC direct communication, the automatic, semiautomatic and manual condition of system can be flexibly changed and smoothly operated; the system is safe and reliable with precise weighing and simple operation, it is also easily maintained with strong openness and easy expandability;

Excellent mechanical performance: adopting the excellent activator, feeding machine, conveyer belt, bucket elevator, blender mixer and duster, the system can guarantee the batch preparation workshop free from persecution of dust and noise;

Extensible integrated remote monitoring and management function: the space of remote monitoring and management is preserved for full preparation of enterprise development;

With excellent operation performance, precise proportioning, stable operation and low maintenance cost;

High quality system training and after-sales service guarantee: The warranty period after-sales is one year; the system shall be maintained whole life long and maintainers shall arrive to site within 48 hours after receiving maintenance report.

Treatment System of Cracked Glass

The pieces of stone, ceramics and all metals, such as iron, copper and aluminum, in cracked glass can be carefully eliminated: the system can sort the cracked glass according to color or category with stronger treatment capacity and higher elimination precision (can reach 2mm), the elimination rate at one time is 98%, the cracked glass need not washing after elimination and sorting (the effect is better if passing washing), thus, it can greatly economize manpower and improve product quality.


DCS Control System of TP-6001BLS Glass Kiln

Temperature parameters: Air temperature in south part of checker chamber

Air temperature in north part of checker chamber

Gas temperature in south part of checker chamber    

Gas temperature in north part of checker chamber    

Temperature of arch roof  

Temperature of furnace bottom      

Furnace bottom temperature of checker chamber      

Stack temperature   

Temperature of batching channel 1       

Temperature of batching channel 2       

Temperature of working pool1

Temperature of working pool 2       

Mixture temperature 

Pressure parameters: Kiln pressure 

Suction force of smoke flue

Pressure of gas outlet

Pressure of gas producer 

Flow parameters: Primary air flow

Steam flow

Combustion air flow

Position parameters: Height of glass level 

2. Control Circuit:

Kiln part:

1. Temperature control of arch roof

2. Control of kiln pressure

3. Flow control of combustion air

4. Control of glass level

5. Time and sequence control of direction change

Part of gas producer:

1. Automatic control for ratio and flow of combination gas

2. Coaling control

3. Deslagging control

Control effect and technology indexes of typical engineering:

After the system is performed in Yantai Zhangyu Glass Co., Ltd, the effect of coal saving is obvious and the coal consumption is reduced to 200KG/ton glass.

Other indexes:

1. Temperature of arch roof  Setting value ±2‘C

2. Glass level   Setting value ±1mm

3. Kiln pressure      Setting value ±5Pa

4. Transition time of change temperature <100 second

Typical projects:

Yantai Zhangyu Glasswork Co., Ltd

Yantai Xinzhongcui Glasswork Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Huajing Glasswork Co., Ltd


TP-FFS Automatic Control System of Antiseptic Production Line

Being committed to the integrated design, matching, construction and commissioning for antiseptic production line of natural gas, petroleum and refined products pipeline, our unit has completed the design and construction of nearly 40 antiseptic pipeline factories, including the following antiseptic equipment with different forms:

External corrosion prevention: cladding type, winding type jacketed tube production line;

Internal corrosion prevention: internal shot blasting, internal sandblast cleaning and internal painting with liquid epoxy.

In the recent ten years, we have successively participated in more constructions of national key project, such as the West-East natural gas transmission, the southwest refined products pipeline, Sino-Kazakstan pipeline, Hainan Island pipeline, along-Yangtse pipeline and out of Sichuan pipeline.

Our unit developed the control system for production line of pipeline corrosion prevention, this system includes the following equipment and devices according to station: platform of loading material, return trolley, external driven line, preheating intermediate frequency, rust removal system, external corrosion prevention (internal corrosion prevention) central material platform, external painting driven line, heating intermediate frequency, fine dust processing unit, powder spraying system, PE extrusion system, water cooling system and finished product platform with auxiliary pneumatic system, tube drawing device, blowing device and air-freezing, drying and filtrating equipment.

System functions:

Adopting centralized control, the system possess functions of internal self-checking, external monitoring, automatic tube release, automatic speed balance and automatic load distribution. Each technology section is centralized for operation and the PLC can be added for linkage if necessary. With the features of high automation degree, strong capacity of resisting disturbance, extensive environmental adaptation, simple operation, easy maintenance and more products, the system can supply selection space with high,  middle and low price for users and comprehensive solution used in different electromagnetic disturbance of electric network and temperature environments. The system now is widespread used to antiseptic treatment of pipeline of petroleum, natural gas, water supply and sewage.

Technical indexes

Suitable pipe diameter:Φ159-Φ2600mm

Steel tube length:6-12m (the joint shall be added for some tubes)

Production speed:80-200m/h

Derusting grade: Sa2.5 or above

Length of operation line: about (55+72.5)m

Environmental temperature: -15-50


TP-GLS Automatic control system of moderate temperature and medium pressure boiler

The automatic control system of moderate temperature and medium pressure boiler is designed for full gas natural circulation boiler with moderate temperature and medium pressure parameters It can realize the monitoring of boiler with overall technological parameters, guarantee the functions of automatic ignition, boiler combustion and automatic control of water level. It can supply method to reach economical combustion, enhance boiler thermal efficiency, reduce labor intensity, decrease environmental pollution and powerful technical support for improvement of factory management level. The system has been successfully applied to boiler automatic control in blower station of Tianjin Iron and , Steel Co., Ltd, made the boiler operation in optimal operating mode and obtained remarkable social benefits and economic benefits.

The system is designed by summarizing actual operating condition and experience of boiler automatic control for many years, according to new generation of DCS, PLC, site bus technology, network technology, CPC technology, self features of middle and high pressure full gas boiler and present situation of boiler automatic control in our country now. Following the principle of advance, reliableness, safety,  economy, application and open, the design integrated the microcomputer monitoring and internetwork communication together with distributed structure and realized the sharing of information and data. The system is m, ainly composed of engineer work station, operator station, control station, server, communication network, intelligent instrumentation, sensors and actuators. The master control system is integrated by products of Germany SIEMENS Company, American GE Corporation and DELL Corporation.

System Features:

1. Advancement:Using the original network and database technology of computer and adopting advanced designand software development tools, the remote monitoring and management can be completely realized.

2. Security: the system can be stably and reliably operated for long time to guarantee the integrity and consistency of data and prevent accident or artificial misoperation of the system.

3. Reliability: the system can supply comprehensively self-diagnostic function to meet the requirements of high reliability and high availability.

4. Economical efficiency: adopt the most rational hardware and software configuration and combine organically the openness, flexibility and higher performance price ratio.

5. Applicability: the plentiful man-machine interface and Chinese operation display can fully adapt user's demand and system functions.

6. Openness: meeting related international and national standards, every part of the system can be easily integrated, maintained, expanded and upgraded, so, the system can be integrated in the management information system (MIS).


TP-SWS automatic control system of chemical water in water plant, sewage plant and power plant

System functions:

Integrating the computer technology, control technology, communication technology and display technology together and connecting the central monitoring station and several site substations through communication network, the system can realize centralized monitoring, management and decentralized control, thus, the defects of centralized control system can be overcome, such as centralized risk level, poor reliability, difficult of expansion and large quantity of control cable, and the centralized function of information, dispatch, management and decentralization of control risk can be realized.

System Features:

1.      Improve rate of equipment utilization, guarantee quality of water treatment, monitor continuously various technological parameters through local instruments, the system can coordinate the sewage treatment technology relationship between every workshop section according to these parameters, guarantee to take full advantage of equipment, correct deviations at the same time and ensure the quality of water treatment.

2.      Relevant monitoring meters for water quality are set in every technological process section in the plant to guarantee the reliability of system operation, the redundant monitoring and management computer in central control room can monitor the operation parameters and operation conditions of equipment, find equipment trouble and give an alarm in time.

3.      Can realize optimization control of microcomputer, save routine operation cost and decrease costs of sewage treatment.

4.      Economize manpower, relieve strength of hand labour and enhance informatization level.


TP-GRS monitoring and controlling system of district heating pipeline network

Main functions:

The temperature of water supply and back water in secondary network can be optimally set according to outdoor temperature, various requirements of people for temperature and backwater temperature of primary network.

Have the pressure difference control for secondary network with requirements of individual measurement.

The monitoring center of pipeline network station can monitor and control the hot exchanging station through telephone wire or GPRS.

The monitoring and controlling of heating pipeline network is activated by pipeline network monitoring station in control room to collect, monitor, control, warn and record various parameters of every hot exchanging station, the system can be analyzed and optimized through these functions to reach the purpose of energy conservation and reduction of energy consumption. Now, the system has been used in heating pipeline network of every districts in Tianjin.


TP-MDS-100SCADA System

The TP-MDS-100SCADA is remote monitoring and data controlling system established on GPRS or GSM message communication platform, composed of monitoring and controlling dispatch center, GPRS communication system and remote terminal unit (RTU), the monitoring and controlling dispatch center can monitor and Control operation of remote device in real time through GPRS data communication system, display the remote field situation in the forms of numerical digits, graphic chart, curves or image picture and supply real-time data to superior management system through standard interfaces, such as OPC or ODBC. RTU is terminal monitoring and controlling unit based on the microprocessor core with abundant peripheral interfaces, can make local control action according to local operation condition and control strategy, the communication system adopt the 2.5 generation GPRS network of wireless communications technology and construct real time data transmission channel between dispatch center and RTU.

The TP-MDS-100SCADA system can be extensively used in more fields, such as electric distribution, oil gas transport, monitoring and controlling of environmental protection, hydrologic monitoring, lamp light monitoring and controlling, weather monitoring and thermal network monitoring, and realize remote monitoring with higher level.

TP-MDS-100 System Functions

The TP-MDS-100SCADA system developed by our institute is based on technical study of computer control for many years and the new technology of SCADA system, designed according to domestic actual demand of SCADA system and developing trend of industrial remote data communication nowadays,so, it is a comprehensive SCADA system meeting actual demand of domestic industry with higher performance price ratio.