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National Accredited Technology Center
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National Accredited Technology Center

Zhonghuan TIG was recognized as city-level enterprise technology center by Tianjin municipality in 1999 and then as national enterprise technology center by national development and reform commission in 2007. Our basic principle is to establish R&D platform with the core technology, to accelerate industry technology development, and to build our own brand. We commit to build a technology center with specialization, socialization, and openness, to develop new technologies and new products with our independent intellectual property rights, to promote the company's technical progress in order to realize the sustained and rapid development.
In order to realize our company rapid and healthy development, we employ many graduates from college, and also senior management personnel and professional technical personnel to form gradually multi-level structure of human resource to suit our company requirement. Meanwhile we cooperate with universities and research institutes to carry on the manufacture-learning-research cooperation projects.
Before 2010, we received and introduced 2 or more foreign technology experts annually, make its technology center expert reach to 20 people. Every year we employ college degree or above (master and PhD) students not less than 20. Last year we just established postdoctoral workstation.
The technology center insists on technology innovation combining with product structure. Under the leadership of the general manager, we possess 166 R&D professional staffs including senior professional titles 135,and bachelor degree or above personnel 160. We obtained the national science and technology progress and municipal science and technology progress for 30 times.  Nowadays we have already form research and development team more professional, more extensive, and more scientific.
From the startup of Zhonghuan TIG, we established our development philosophy "promote the core technology, build TIG brand". After years of development and expansion, more and more we realize that innovation is power source of an enterprise continuous development.