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  SP Intelligent Variable Frequency Actuator
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 Entering Time:2010/4/12
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Product INformation:

Main Technology Parameter:

 1. Power supply: 220V-± 10%, 50Hz-± 2% ~ 380V-± 10%, 50Hz-± 2%

 2. Control signal: within the 4-20mA or 1-5V

 3. Input impedance: ≤ 250Ω

 4. Actuator position feedback signal: 4-20mA (≤ 250Ω) or 20-4mA (≤ 250Ω)

 5. Accuracy: ± 1.0%; (except beginning and end point)
 6. Dead-zone: ± 0.5% ~ 20%, arbitrarily setting:

 7. Online modify opening features: opening features with the linear, proportion, quick open.

 8. Soft-start function of servo motor, soft-start time of 1 ~ 100S (seconds) arbitrary

 9.  Speed range actuator servo motor: 0.2 ~ 1.5-fold; (50Hz to 1)
 10. Input signal disconnection protection, input signal ≤ 4mA, the original position of the  actuator can be maintained or restored.

 11. M11.M Mode of action can be chosen arbitrarily.

 12. Upper and lower limiter function. 
      Upper limit: 0 ~ 50% (full scale), chosen at random; 
      Lower Limit: 50 ~ 100% (full scale), chosen at random.
 13. There is motor overload, phase, and short circuit protection.
 14. Ambient temperature: -25 ~ 50 ; relative humidity ≤ 90%
 15. Features: intelligent frequency conversion.

 16. New technologies application: Frequency control is used through the application of intelligence, frequency conversion technology for electric actuator motor, , so that it has a good dynamic characteristics.