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  SN Series Intelligent Switch Type-SNP Electric Actuator
 Product Category:Actuator
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 Entering Time:2010/4/12
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Product INformation:

1. Product features and uses:

SNP product is a kind of independent part-turn electric actuator and it is used for butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and 90 ° rotary valve.
SNM product is a kind of independent multi-turn electric actuator and
it is used for gate valve, stop valve and other linear motion valve.
2. Key technology:
Dual-CPU work together, static and dynamic phase sequence detection, lack of phase diagnosis; alarm output self-configuration, bilingual user interface, bus functions, infrared remote control operational support on site.

3. Product key technical performance:
   Power: three-phase AC motor for 380V, 50Hz; control lines: 220V, 50Hz
   Working environment: temperature -20 ~ 70 ; relative humidity ≤ 90% (≤ 25 pm)
   Protection class: IP65, IP67