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  KT3351 Series Smart Transmitter
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 Entering Time:2010/4/19
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Product INformation:

Thank to the technology of digital temperature compensation, KT3351 transmitter has realized the temperature characteristics small size design with high reliable.  It can adjust zero point and span without opening the cover. Can be adjusted in line with HART protocol can be used (HART) Hand Held Hart communicators two-way communication. It can be used manual operator (HART375) to realize dual communication with self-diagnostics and the EEPROM, and do not lose data due to power outages.


Main technical parameters:

Measuring media: liquid, gas or steam

Measuring range:

Differential Pressure KT3351DP:0-0.1kPa10MPa

High Static Pressure KT3351HP:0-1kPa10MPa

Pressure Transmitter KT3351GP:0-0.2kPa40MPa

Pressure Transmitter KT3351TG:0-0.7kPa35MPa

Absolute Pressure Transmitter KT3351AP: 0-1kPa10Mpa

Absolute Pressure Transmitter KT3351TA: 0-0.7kPa35MPa

Liquid Level Transmitter KT3351LT: 0-0.1kPa1MPa

Remote Differential pressure/pressure: 0-1kPa10MPa

Accuracy: 0.1 class

Range ratio: 40:1

Stability:±0.15% error of the maximum range

Measurement range(KPa):0.140000

Output: 420mA DC+HART

Explosion proof class: Exd CT6   Exia CT6

It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power station, water treatment, medicine, food processing and other industrial fields.